May 2012

How to choose the best sunscreen

The SPF factor indicates how effective the particular sunscreen is in preventing UVB rays causing sunburn.

Memorial Day weekend is nearly upon us, which means people will be heading to the beach and pools in droves, as the unofficial start of the summer begins. But along with soaking up the summer heat, comes the potential to soak up summer rays. While feeling the warmth of the sun feels great, it can also be dangerous. Left unprotected, harmful rays of the sun can lead to skin cancer, including the life-threatening melanoma skin cancer.

But with so many sunscreen choices available, how do you know which are the best?

Most importantly, you'll want to apply a sunscreen with either multi-spectrum or broad-spectrum coverage for both UVA and UVB. Most experts recommend a minimum of an SPF 15, but an SPF 30 is ideal. While controversial, many researchers admit that not everyone needs to use a sunscreen higher than 30, but exceptions do exist.

Arizona woman uses cancer to raise breast implant money

Are you as angry as I am?

Earlier this week an Arizona woman was charged for using fundraising money to buy breast implants. She had claimed to have cancer and then went on to host a fundraiser in which she managed to raise $8000 so that she could afford breast implants. She was honest as far as making it clear that she had planned on using the funds for breast implants, the problem was that she didn’t have cancer in any form.

The ideal that anyone would claim to have cancer for the sake of vanity outrages me. Anyone who has ever sat back and watched a loved one suffer in physical and emotional pain as cancer continued to eat away at the health of the person affected should be angered at this incident. I can only hope that this woman is held accountable, though as it stands she is currently at home on an ankle bracelet.