April 2012

New ACS Guidelines for Cancer Survivors

The new American Cancer Society guidelines are three fold, and relate to body weight, diet, and physical activity.

New guidelines for cancer survivors were issued on Thursday, April 26, 2012 from the American Cancer Society (ACS). The new guidelines were issued as a result of increasing evidence in the scientific community showing that physical activity and healthy nutrition after a cancer diagnosis, can both improve the survival chances and decrease the chance that the cancer will come back.

A birthday party to celebrate cancer survivors

It’s all about the smiles


So we’re having a little dinner/birthday party for my mother-in-law who has survived breast cancer. The chemo combined with her cancer drugs have created neural degeneration similar in some aspects to dementia though her decline eventually stopped. Her way of life has been forever altered and now we just try our best to give her some level of normalcy.

Everyone is chipping in with cooking for her birthday party; the only thing that I have to do is bake a cake. While I was in the store buying everything I needed for a cake, I went a little hog wild. I have 'Happy Birthday' candies, icing tubes and multicolored candy confetti.