December 2011

Think you have Lung Cancer? Relax and Just Breathe

Researchers in the area of lung cancer are on the brink of an ability to diagnose lung cancer much earlier than ever before.

Lung cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer today. It is also a cancer, which is very difficult to detect especially in the early stages. By the time someone is experiencing the symptoms associated with lung cancer, the cancer is typically in an advanced stage. In addition, lung cancer symptoms can mimic symptoms of other common and less dangerous diseases such as asthma or the flu.

Chasing Cancer

The story of one-year-old Saoirse Fitzgerald and her mother Kezia Fitzgerald well forever be imprinted in my heart.

Right now we feel like we are chasing her disease. We can't seem to get ahead of it, and it is taking turns that the doctors don't even know how to look for. It seems to not want to follow any of the things that are readily available, and it seems like it's got a head up on what we are going to throw at it (maybe its a little bit psychic). We are hoping that soon we can finally get ahead of it, and kick it down once and for all... Excerpt from Kezia Fitzgerald’s blog

New Study Indicates a Possible Skin Cancer and Smoking Link

This study just adds one more reason for people to serious try to quit the smoking habit.

The CDC reports that smoking increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and respiratory disease. They also say that it increases your risk of developing several types of cancers, including bladder cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the voice box, cancer of the esophagus, kidney cancer, stomach cancer, uterine cancer, and cancer of the cervix.

Now a new report gives people another reason to quit the tobacco habit. A new study has reported a link between skin cancer and tobacco use.

The study, conducted at the University of South Florida and Moffitt Cancer Center, studied approximately 700 patients: 383 had skin cancer and 315 without. The results of the study, which are published in the Cancer Causes Control online journal, revealed that the more people smoked, the more the likelihood they had skin cancer.

Ultrasound for Cancer Pain Reaches Clinical Trial Stage

Pain management for those suffering with painful forms of cancer is a priority for researchers in the field

Bone cancer can be one of the most debilitating and painful forms of cancer, now there might be more help available to sufferers.

Stanford and University of California at San Francisco are launching clinical trials related to using ultra sound waves to ease the pain that cancer patients experience when the cancer has moved into the bones.

New Study Suggests Certain Coffee Drinkers May Benefit from a Reduced Cancer Risk

In the Harvard study, over 67,000 women, aged 34 to 59, were followed for a period of roughly 26 years.

According to a recent study, your daily cup of coffee may play more of a role than simply shaking off the cobwebs from the night before. A Harvard University study is suggesting that women who consistently drink a few cups of coffee every day for years, or even decades, may reduce their risk of developing cancer of the uterus.

Called endometrium cancer, cancer of the uterus, may have symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding, painful sex, pain or trouble when urinating, or pain in the pelvic area. Cancer of the uterus is diagnosed by conducting one or more tests, such as an ultrasound, pelvic exam, or biopsy.