What to Expect after a Cancer Diagnoses

What to Expect after a Cancer Diagnoses

Being diagnosed with cancer is a hard blow and each person accepts it differently. Family members are often affected by it as well, which inadvertently bounces back onto the person who has cancer. Sometimes people are lucky and they are surrounded with a support system filled with both family and friends, others aren’t so lucky.

Old family dynamics can often resurface after a cancer diagnoses. The adult children that tended to be the responsible ones in childhood tend to step up and take charge. Some family members don’t want the burden and others just can’t emotionally deal with it.

The cancer patient is often affected in severe ways from these family dynamics. They can become over appreciative to ones that are helping them each day. Sometimes they begin to believe that they are a burden and that they are hurting their children. Other times they can feel neglected and even feel unloved. All of these emotions can get in the way of their critical fight and take away from the energy that they’ll need in the upcoming months.

The best thing today is allow each person to process the cancer diagnoses of their loved one and then develop a support system. This can be difficult especially in the beginning, though it certainly isn’t impossible. Following a cancer diagnoses you’ll want to be remain level headed and learn to control your emotions. You’ll also need to prepare yourself to give up some of your time. Most importantly, you’ll need to reassure your loved one and through reassurance you’ll give him or her strength.

Next week I’ll be going over time management plans that can benefit the one that cancer and the people who are having to provide care and support.