Sport a Mustache to Raise Awareness for Prostate Cancer

Sport a Mustache to Raise Awareness for Prostate Cancer

Movember: Grow a Mustache During November


Raising awareness for prevention, screening, treatment, and research for cancer and other diseases has been sweeping the nation in the last 10 to 20 years. While the pink ribbon may be the most known symbol for breast cancer awareness, will the mustache be just as well-known in the coming years?

A new grass-roots movement is sweeping the nation and the globe to raise awareness for prostate cancer. The awareness movement takes place in November where men take on the task of growing their mustaches. "Movember", as it's called, is to spark talk about prostate cancer in men.

Over 240,000 new cases of prostate cancer is predicted during 2011 and over 33,000 deaths due to the disease, according to the National Institute of Health. Further, prostate cancer is considered the third most common cause of cancer-related death in men of any age. For men over 75 years of age, its the most common cause of death.

Some experts content that eating a low-fat, vegetarian diet can help lower the risk of prostate cancer, as can consuming foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. The Mayo Clinic recommends eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, exercising most days of the week, and maintaining a healthy weight. The Mayo Clinic further reports, that lycopine, a nutrient found in raw or cooked tomatoes, has been linked to preventing prostate cancer. Being obese or having a family history of prostate cancer increases the risk of developing the disease.

After the age of 40, speak with your doctor about having regular PSA screenings to rule out elevated PSA readings.