So you have Cancer – Now What?

So you have Cancer – Now What?

Finding Strength after a Cancer Diagnoses

Hearing a doctor say that you have cancer is quite a blow. You may feel hopeless, experience fear or even get angry. All of these emotions and reactions are normal, though normal or not you’ll have to move pass them.

You’ll need to find and regain your strength. Over the next couple of months you’re going to be going through everything imaginable and you’ll need to be stronger than you ever thought you were. The good news is that many people have sat where you sit today and they just like you found their inner strength.

Let go

First and foremost, separate yourself from your emotion. Use the energy that you’re using on your emotions to your advantage. Allow yourself to be freed from your emotion and then center that freed up energy. You can’t change anything that has already happened; you have cancer all you can do from here is decide if you’re going to lie down or if you’re going to fight.

Affirm Your Strength

This may sound silly and it’s probably not part of your daily routine, regardless it helps and it works so you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Get up every morning and tell yourself how strong you are. Visualize your strength as you affirm your strength. Being strong is more mental than physical, it draws off of confidence and through building your confidence you’ll build your strength.

Be Realistic

It’s not just about having strength, you also need to keep your strength. You’re going to be going through some intense treatments and you’re going to be sick. I don’t mean you’re going to be feverish and a little nauseous, you’re going to be deathly ill and may even wish for death just so that it can end. You’re also going to have moments when your body hurts everywhere. These experiences can weaken you and steal the strength that you worked so hard for. By keeping this in mind you’ll be able to prepare. This won’t prevent it, yet it’ll help you to remain strong in your darkest moments.