Processed Meats could lead to an Over Processed Pancreas

Processed Meats could lead to an Over Processed Pancreas

Research reveals startling results concerning processed meats and cancer of the pancreas

A sausage a day, unlike the apple, could cause some serious issues with your body and scientists are warning people of the risk.

According to recent research by scientists in Sweden, just one sausage a day or two slices of bacon raises your risk of pancreatic cancer by a fifth. Even a relatively small intake of processed meats, such as sausage and bacon can increase your risk of cancer.

Just ingesting 50g, which is equivalent to a few slices of salami or a hot dog, raises the risk of pancreatic cancer by 19 percent. When you up that number to 100g, the risk increases an astounding 38 per cent, 150g a day effectively doubles your risk of cancer of the pancreas.

Interestingly, plain red meat, such as steaks raises a man’s risk of cancer, but not a woman’s.

Pancreatic cancer is a silent disease often not showing symptoms until the disease has progressed into the end stages. Even then, the symptoms are diffuse and can be attributed to other less serious diseases. Symptoms might include back pain, weight loss and loss of appetite. Pancreatic cancer has one of the worst survival rates. Only three percent of those diagnosed live past five years. Not much is known about the causes, although smoking and alcohol consumption has been linked to developing cancer of the pancreas.

Evidence has also been discovered that red meat ups the chances for someone developing bowel cancer. For this reason, the Swedish government has released guidelines that encourage the public to limit their red meat intake to 500g per week. This includes processed meats as well.