Having fun with cancer

Having fun with cancer

Life only stops when you quit living; get out there and have some fun


Having fun is something that we often take for granted, that is until it’s gone. When a tragic event comes into our lives we often forget the importance of having fun all together. A time of tragedy is when we need to have fun the most. If you’re currently battling cancer or know someone who is fighting with cancer then it’s vital to remember to have fun.

There are numerous ways to experience fun even while you walk down the difficult path of cancer. Take up dancing either by yourself or with friends. Honestly just go all out with it, learn a dance you’ve always wanted to learn, enjoy a large charity dance or take up private lessons. Whatever route you take to dance, just do it and have fun.

Try to take in as many cancer walks as possible. Not only do they offer support, they can be very fun. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you have the physical strength to finish. Just go out there and walk as little or as much as you can.

I started taking my mother-in-law on cancer walks after she had gotten past the worse of her chemotherapy sickness and at the first walk we went on I saw the benefits of that walk. She was met by other survivors and many supportive, caring people. That day I saw a smile on her face and in her eyes that I honestly thought was lost forever. There’s something about taking part in a group walk filled with people who have been there that provides an atmosphere of strength and laughing that you just can’t find anywhere else.