Chemotherapy May Still Be a Possibility for Pregnant Woman

Chemotherapy May Still Be a Possibility for Pregnant Woman

New studies such that there is hope to being pregnant with cancer.

More than cancer itself, many women fear getting cancer while pregnant. With more women delaying childbirth until they are older, this dilemma has been happening to women globally.

Now, however new studies such that there is hope to this frightening situation.

Studies have suggested that women with cancer who are pregnant can be treated practically the same as women who are not pregnant with minimal risk to the unborn child.

Physicians have long held a concern about the balance of treating a woman stricken with cancer while also carrying a child due to the toxic effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and other cancer drugs.

These studies are not concluded that chemotherapy is completely safe for the unborn baby, but in some cases it may be better for the baby to stay in the womb while mom is having chemotherapy as opposed to being delivered early to avoid the effects of the chemo.

Physicians will still most likely err on the side of caution, and when possible deliver a baby early to avoid chemotherapy effects. It is thought that the placenta asks like a barrier to chemotherapy. For example, there are instances where the mother has lost all her hair due to chemo treatments, yet her baby is born with a full head of hair.

Experts suggest that termination of a pregnancy is not always necessary for a women who has breast cancer. That said, if the cancer is detected very early in the pregnancy, chemotherapy may need to wait until the baby is at least 12 weeks into gestation.