A birthday party to celebrate cancer survivors

A birthday party to celebrate cancer survivors

It’s all about the smiles


So we’re having a little dinner/birthday party for my mother-in-law who has survived breast cancer. The chemo combined with her cancer drugs have created neural degeneration similar in some aspects to dementia though her decline eventually stopped. Her way of life has been forever altered and now we just try our best to give her some level of normalcy.

Everyone is chipping in with cooking for her birthday party; the only thing that I have to do is bake a cake. While I was in the store buying everything I needed for a cake, I went a little hog wild. I have 'Happy Birthday' candies, icing tubes and multicolored candy confetti.

My cake is going to look more like a cake for a bunch of really little kids. I know she’ll enjoy it though and I’m sure she’ll be happy all day. She teaches me to cherish the little things in life. That’s easily forgotten, especially in today’s modern world of bigger and better objects and events.

In a way it’s refreshing to see joy, true joy. We tend to become happy with new purchases or new events and as a result we overlook the simple pleasures of gardening, making pictures out of clouds or sitting outside and looking up at the stars or even making a wish on chocolate cake covered with bright pink, blue, green and yellow candy decorations and lit with bright, color-changing candles.